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MORE ACT final Tally
DECEMBER 4, 2020 :  Members of the House of Representatives approve the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act, HR 3884, which removes marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act.  A momentous day!  The ACT now moves to...
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MJ and Child Abuse
Colorado:  Growing Marijuana and Child Abuse. Colorado citizens passed Amendment 20 all the way back in the year 2000, technically for the second time, but that is a whole different story.  When Colorado voters legalized medical marijuana in...
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Blasting Hash is a DF2
Blasting Hash at Home is a Bad Idea By Warren Edson   I didn’t know this needs to be said but apparently it does:  blasting hash at home is a BAD IDEA. Not only is blasting hash at...
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WTF Denver #3: Cannabis and Marijuana Products at Denver International Airport   If Denver International Airport wasn’t weird enough it also gives us the third WTF Denver blog posting. People think cannabis and marijuana products at the Denver...
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WTF Denver #2: Growing Cannabis Outside Written By Warren Edson & Edited by Lauren Maytin In our ongoing WTF Denver series … we now look at … Growing Cannabis Outside. DENVER DOESN’T CARE! If you grow marijuana outside...
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