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Attorneys at The Law Offices of Edson & Maytin have been practicing law in Colorado’s Federal, State and Municipal Courts since 1998.  Trained to do trial work from the outset of their careers, both Warren and Lauren have extensive civil and criminal trial experience and are not afraid to try cases.  We handle every case as if it is going to be presented to a jury, and when our clients agree to settle, it is out of strength, not weakness. Our ability to evaluate and thoroughly handle your case – along with our willingness to try them and our track record at trial – means that most of our cases are in fact resolved prior to trial.

The Law Offices of Edson & Maytin are pioneers in the marijuana industry, helping primary caregivers group together to form marijuana businesses immediately after the passage of Amendment 20 in 2001, through the creation of the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division to Today.  As a full-service law firm, Warren and Lauren utilize innovative legal strategies and long-standing relationships and insights to aid their clients in Colorado’s marijuana industry.   The Law Offices of Edson & Maytin represent patients, caregivers, doctors, growers, inventors, manufacturers, landlords, investors and hundreds of medical and recreational businesses including dispensaries, cultivations, infused-product manufacturers, and testing laboratories.

Both Warren and Lauren will be by your side at all times throughout your case, available to answer your pressing questions when you need.  They handle each case personally, protecting you, your rights and your interests throughout the pendency of your matter, answering every phone call themselves and returning all messages within 24 hours.

Whether Warren and Lauren are representing you as a marijuana business, as a doctor, grower, manufacturer, or as an accused, The Law Offices of Edson & Maytin are dedicated to helping you achieve desired results because they are knowledgeable, creative and aggressive in protecting your rights and interest.  

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