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Partners Warren Edson and Lauren Maytin have extensive Criminal Defense backgrounds, having worked as public defenders and private counsel in most of Colorado’s State and Municipal Courts, defending the Accused against all levels of crime:  felonies, misdemeanors, petty offenses and infractions; charges of domestic violence, DUI/DUID, thefts and drug offenses. 

We represent local residents, tourists, temporary residents and illegals.  In many instances, we can keep you from having to physically appear in court.  If your appearance is required, non-critical hearings can usually be handled over the phone.  We will help with scheduling court dates that are more convenient for you that will minimize travel costs and missed work while keeping you fully informed of all developments in your case. 

Our Process

1. Client Intake

Initial Consultation

During the Initial Consultation, you will meet with a lawyer.  It is important that a conflict check is run to ensure our representation of you and your matter is free from potential problems that would necessitate our removal from the case.  After conflicts are cleared, additional facts and circumstances can be explored

2. Evaluate Situation

After conflicts are cleared, understanding the facts and circumstances of your situation comes next.  It is important that the lawyer understands who you are, what you are hoping to accomplish and any stated goals.  This will help guide your lawyer in navigating your situation and obtaining the best possible outcome for you, the client.

3. Take Action

Now that you and your lawyer have discussed the facts and circumstances that are of importance in the matter, it is time to decide how the situation should be handled.  Not all matters go to trial.  A specific path to handle your matter will be determined by you with clear and thorough advice from your attorney.  With all things, sometimes it will be necessary to change direction or modify the path determined at the outset.  The client and the lawyer will work together to continually re-evaluate the situation and the path chosen to determine the continued way forward.  

4. Resolution

A matter is resolved when some finality has occurred.  Hopefully the result achieved was the result desired.  However, sometimes a client does not get what was wanted or needed.  What can be done – At times, you will find there are further paths that can be taken to try to achieve a reversal of the outcome (an appeal or motion to reconsider) and the lawyer will advise you of those possibilities if that becomes necessary.  All efforts will be to achieve the results desired.

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